#409 Hormonal and Nonhormonal Therapy for Vasomotor …

Recommended nonhormonal medications for VMS include SSRIs, SNRIs, gabapentin, oxybutynin, and fezolinetant. Hormone therapy (HT) is our most effective …Web

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#361 Advanced Lipidology

(8 days ago) Lipids Update 2022: Cardiovascular Risk Reduction and New Medications on the Horizon with Erin Michos, MD Transcript-The-Curbsiders-#361 …Web

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The Curbsiders Podcast

(6 days ago) The Curbsiders is an Internal Medicine Podcast featuring board-certified Internists as they interview (“curbside”) the experts to provide listeners with clinical pearls, practice …Web

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#304 COVID Updates: The Outpatient Edition

(8 days ago) COVID Updates: The Outpatient Edition with Dr. Monica Gandhi COVID Vaccine Updates Who needs boosters: CDC and FDA state patients over age 65 and …Web

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#327 Acute Pancreatitis

(8 days ago) The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast - #327 Acute Pancreatitis. Rapidly treating Acute Pancreatitis might change its course! Learn what you really need to …Web

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#225 Women in Medicine: COVID Edition

(8 days ago) The Exacerbation of Inequity During COVID-19. Two pandemics, one response (CDC 2020): The additional pandemics of structural racism and gender bias …Web

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#30 Mastering Menopause

(7 days ago) Women’s Health study: positive effects of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) seen in women less than 60 yo and less than 10 years from menopause (30% …Web

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#366 Opioid Use Disorder and Acute Pain in the Hospitalized Patient

(1 days ago) With Carolyn Chan MD and Shawn Cohen MD Transcript-The-Cubsiders-#366-AcutePain.docxDownload Conquer acute pain in the hospitalized patient with …Web

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#360 Disease-Modifying Nutrition with Dr. Michelle McMacken

(2 days ago) Take a bite out of our latest episode featuring guest expert Dr. Michelle McMacken (@DrMcMacken) and learn how you can help your patients effectively and …Web

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#413: Common Ear Complaints, Ear Exam 101, Cerumen Remedies, …

(3 days ago) Common Ear Complaints, Ear Exam 101, Cerumen Remedies, and more! Get an earful with Dr. Angela Peng (Keratin) Pearls for the Ear Exam. Watch this basic …Web

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#355 GI Bleed with Dr. Tanvi Dhere

(7 days ago) Transcript -The-Curbsiders-#355-GastrointestinalBleed.docx. Handle the gush of upper and lower GI bleeds with ease thanks to Dr. Tanvi Dhere ( …Web

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#390 Resistant Hypertension

(1 days ago) Hypertension FAQ Round #2 Dr. Jordy Cohen Strikes Back Tackle resistant hypertension. Learn when it is pseudo resistant hypertension, and how to treat this pesky …Web

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#404 Hematuria with Dr. Derek Fine

(7 days ago) For gross hematuria or patients with high risk for malignancy, Dr. Fine begins with imaging, which is typically CT urography. This can identify masses, stones, cysts, …Web

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#384 Updates in Chronic Kidney Disease with Dr. Joel Topf

(Just Now) Stay up-to-date with advances in chronic kidney disease (CKD)! Join our esteemed Chief of Nephrology at Kashlak Memorial Hospital, Dr. Joel Topf, as he leads …Web

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#356 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Update with …

(2 days ago) History. COPD is a clinical diagnosis (made with support of spirometric data) and commonly presents with shortness of breath (often worse with exertion), and a …Web

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#321 Hypertension FAQ: Common Outpatient Cases with Dr. Jordy …

(8 days ago) The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast - #321 Hypertension FAQ: Common Outpatient Cases with Master common hypertension scenarios in the clinic! …Web

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#372 Endocrine Emergencies featuring Dr. Sara Markley Webster

(4 days ago) In this episode, we discuss an overview of inpatient management of can’t miss endo emergencies. Our esteemed guest, Dr. Sara Markley Webster ( Emory …Web

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#363 Afib: Rhythm Control, Catheter Ablation, Afib in the hospital, …

(1 days ago) Optimize and update your approach to atrial fibrillation (afib) as we discuss early rhythm control, antiarrhythmic drugs, TTE/cardioversion, afib ablation, new onset …Web

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#385 TIA/Stroke for the Hospitalist featuring Dr. Karima Benameur

(8 days ago) SAMMPRIS (Chimowitz 2011): demonstrated benefit of aggressive medical management with DAPT with aspirin and clopidogrel for 90 days and a health coach …Web

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