How to Maintain Healthy Tendons

At Optimal Sports Physical Therapy we focus on helping patients build tendon strength, increase range of motion, and prevent or recover from tendon injuries. Together, we focus on building tendon strength and … See more

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Fighting Depression and Anxiety with Exercise

(Just Now) To see the most mental health benefits, developing a long-term sustainable routine is the goal. Recruit a workout buddy. Making exercise a …

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The Essential Guide: The Benefits of Direct Access PT

(2 days ago) Avoiding trips to multiple doctor’s offices can save you, your insurance company, and the health system money. Patients pay fewer copays and can see savings upward of …

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Patient Resources optimalsportspt

(6 days ago) Force Fitness. At Premier Fitness, they incorporate body mechanics, cardio, balance, suspension, body weight, dynamic movement and strength training in every workout. …

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The Truth About Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

(Just Now) Pelvic floor health has long been a hush-hush topic. Commonly dismissed as a side effect to aging or childbirth. And, rarely discussed amongst sufferers. But, times are …

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A woman's guide to preventing injury

(4 days ago) The injuries sustained during those times can affect our performance and compromise our health in the long run. Women are especially at risk for changes in stability, …

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Our Team optimalsportspt

(7 days ago) Dr. Margaret Koenig is the Optimal Sports Physical Therapy’s aquatic therapist. She is joine the OSPT team as an Aquatic Therapist in 2022. Margaret has been an aquatic therapist for the …

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Optimal Sports Physical Therapy Blog optimalsportsspt

(3 days ago) Blog for Optimal Sports Physical Therapy Helena MT | Therapists at OPT discuss current PT topics and rehab trends. Concussion Rehabilitation, Orthopedic physical therapy, running gait …

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Our Locations optimalsportspt

(2 days ago) Optimal Sports Physical Therapy-North. Address: 3150 N Montana Ave, Suite D, Helena MT 59602. Phone: 406-502-1782. Fax: 406-502-1783. Email: [email protected]

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Physical Therapy Helena MT

(8 days ago) Call Today! Optimal Sports Physical Therapy, LLC is an evidenced-based independently owned and operated outpatient physical therapy clinic specializing in orthopedic and sports physical …

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healthy heart optimalsportspt

(6 days ago) Healthy Heart. by sportsspt | Feb 14, 2020 | Healthy Lifestyle. Can you think of something in your body that contracts around 70 times per minute? Did you guess your heart? That’s right, the heart!

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4 Reasons Why Telehealth PT is So Effective

(2 days ago) Or we search for information about health problems. The advances in technology are driving many industries to think and act in new and exciting ways. Physical therapy is no …

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Dr. Kaiely Edgar PT, DPT optimalsportspt

(7 days ago) Kailey specializes in womens health, orthopedic and sports rehab of athletes of all ages. If you want to see Kailey, call 406-502-1782! Dr. Kaiely Edgar PT, DPT is a physical therapist at …

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8 Simple Ways Natural Foods Help to Fight Inflammation

(3 days ago) These short-lived or acute symptoms are critical for the body and support the early stages of healing. There can be too much of a good thing. Prolonged or chronic inflammation …

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7 Easy Stretches to Counteract Sitting All Day optimalsportspt

(5 days ago) How to: Extend your right leg forward keeping your left foot flat on the floor. Sitting tall with your head in line with your spine, begin to fold forward reaching for your right toes. If …

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Healthy Lifestyle optimalsportspt

(5 days ago) An Insider’s Guide to Running in Helena. by sportsspt | Aug 2, 2021 | Healthy Lifestyle, Injury Prevention, Running. Plus the Benefits of Completing a Running Gait Analysis With more than …

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The Powerful Therapeutic Benefits of Blood Flow Restriction

(8 days ago) The shift of blood flow, along with isolated low-weight exercise, spurs the body to develop muscle similar to the muscle development from heavy load weight activities. Blood …

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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy optimalsportspt

(7 days ago) Many women suffer from incontinence, however in most cases, urinary incontinence can be improved with specialized physical therapy techniques including education, bladder health, …

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Dr. Margaret Koenig, DPT Aquatic Therapy Helena, MT

(1 days ago) Hello Everyone! I am Dr. Margaret Koenig, PT, DPT an aquatic physical therapist in Helena, MT with Optimal Sports Physical Therapy. It is my pleasure to introduce myself to the Helena …

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Latest Expert Advice for Sports Concussion Rehabilitation

(6 days ago) Enhance your recovery with an individualized concussion recovery program from the Optimal Sports Physical Therapy team and get back to your favorite sports faster. Call …

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Aquatic Therapy Helena, MT optimalsportspt

(4 days ago) Aquatic therapy, or pool therapy, is the practice of physical therapy in the water to promote healing, movement, and wellness. It is unique from other types of therapy. The water unloads …

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