Cholera Epidemics

WebThis theory was backed up by a study from a London anesthetist, Dr. John Snow, who had written a pamphlet in 1849 in which he argued that cholera was a contagious disease …

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The History of the Newark Sewer System

(1 days ago) WebThe investigation found the 68-mile network of brick sewers to be historically significant in improving public health and fostering the urbanization and growth of Newark. …

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Janifer, Clarence Sumner

(2 days ago) WebPhysician and public health official. Clarence Sumner Janifer was born in Virginia and moved to Newark after his morther died. He lived at 190 Ridge Street and in 1906 …

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Dates in Newark History 1800

(5 days ago) WebDates in Newark History 1800 - 1899. November 1, 1800 - The first water company is chartered (73 wells and springs supply water). 1801 - Jewelry was manufactured by …

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The Camp Mattawoman Gazette

(9 days ago) WebHis general health was good. On August 3, 1872, Wright’s pension was increased to $18 per month on account of increasing disability and because additional legislation …

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Sister Mary Monica Savage, R.S.M.

(7 days ago) WebFor four years previous to her death, she had been in failing health, but she continued to attend all of the religious exercises. The greater part of Sister Mary Monica’s religious life …

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Christopher Columbus Homes

(3 days ago) WebSheffield, D'Auria Streets & 112 8th Avenue. Photos. Do you have a photo of this Public Housing Project? If so please email me. Newark, New Jersey's Christopher Columbus …

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Archbishop Thomas J. Walsh Homes

(4 days ago) WebArchbishop Thomas J. Walsh Homes. Erie Railroad & McCarter Highway - Grafton Avenue intersects. Photos.

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German Community

(7 days ago) WebNewspaper Articles. May 22, 1904 - German Day in Newark From: Harper's New Monthly Magazine October, 1876. A wondrous tide of Germans has flooded Newark, dropping …

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Charles Frank Bazata

(1 days ago) WebHis first pastorate in Newark was the Sixth Presbyterian Church. He served there until 1940 when the congregation merged with the High Street Presbyterian Church to form a …

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New Jersey Freie Zeitung (German)

(8 days ago) WebThis, the leading German newspaper in New Jersey, was established in the year 1858 by Benedict Prieth. The paper had existed for some years previous to this time, under the …

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Governor Franklin Murphy

(9 days ago) WebGovernor Franklin Murphy, born January 3, 1846 in Jersey City, New Jersey. His father Joseph moved his family to Newark in 1856 to conduct a shoe manufacturing enterprise …

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The History of the Newark Sewer System

(4 days ago) WebLibraries who have been sent the brochure. The History of the Newark Sewer System. prepared by Glenn Modica, Richard Grubb & Associates, 2001.

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Sister Mary Joachim Savage, R.S.M.

(8 days ago) WebDate of Death: June 20, 1956 at Mercy Hospital, Oklahoma City. Sr. Mary Joachim had a lingering illness and spent the last four months of her life in a coma, following a stroke. …

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