Menopause FAQs: Your Health After Menopause

WebA. Your dental health and the health of your bones are closely related. So, although problems with teeth and gums may be more common at and after menopause, don’t …

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Hormone Therapy: Benefits & Risks

(7 days ago) WebIn order to minimize serious health risks, HT is recommended at the lowest effective dose for the shortest time period. The real concern about hormone safety is with long-term use …

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North American Menopause Society (NAMS)

(6 days ago) WebTelephone: 440/442-7550 - Fax: 440/442-2660 - Email: [email protected]

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Illness, Medical Problems, Medications

(9 days ago) WebIn a large survey of sexual behavior among US adults ages 57 to 85, 5 those who described their health as fair or poor were more likely to report sexual problems. Many diseases …

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Menopause Practitioner

(6 days ago) WebThe Find a Menopause Practitioner directory is a service provided by NAMS strictly for the exclusive use of identifying healthcare professionals who are NAMS members and …

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HPV and Menopause The North American Menopause Society, …

(3 days ago) WebA study released early in 2013 of women 35 to 60 years old found that HPV in women at or after menopause may represent an infection acquired years ago. Think of it like …

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Effective Treatments for Sexual Problems

(7 days ago) WebRegular sexual activity or stimulation (promotes vaginal health and blood flow) Vaginal lubricants (for temporary relief of dryness before and during sex) Vaginal moisturizers …

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Frequently Asked Questions

(3 days ago) WebFor many women, so can the regular use of long-acting vaginal moisturizers when combined with regular vaginal sexual activity. Regular vaginal sexual activity is important for …

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NCMP Certification

(2 days ago) WebNAMS Certified Menopause Practitione r (NCMP). A s the definitive resource for menopause and other midlife healthcare issues, NAMS developed a competency …

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Hormone Therapy & Menopause FAQs

(7 days ago) WebBefore making a decision about hormone therapy, here's some facts you need to know. The experts at NAMS offer these answers to the frequently asked questions about …

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The Experts Do Agree About Hormone Therapy

(9 days ago) WebThe Bottom Line: Hormone therapy is an acceptable option for the relatively young (up to age 59 or within 10 years of menopause) and healthy women who are bothered by …

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Menopause Glossary

(4 days ago) WebWomen's Health Initiative (WHI). Large research project established by the National Institutes of Health in 1991 to look into the most common causes of death, disability, and …

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Hot Flashes FAQs The North American Menopause Society, NAMS

(Just Now) WebTelephone: 440/442-7550 - Fax: 440/442-2660 - Email: [email protected]

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