What Is a Food Allergy

A food allergy happens when your immune system overreacts to a harmless food protein—an allergen. In the U.S., the eight most common food allergens are milk, egg, peanut, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish. Family history appears to play a role in whether someone develops a food allergy. If you have other kinds of allergic reactions

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Tips for Staying Safe with Food Allergies

(Just Now) WebTips for staying safe with food allergies. Always carry epinephrine everywhere you go. Make sure you have a plan for allergic reactions. Read the labels on food products every time. …

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Food Allergy Facts and Statistics for the U.S.

(4 days ago) WebFood Allergy Is a Serious Public Health and Economic Issue A food allergy is an impairment that limits a major life activity and may qualify an individual for protection under the …

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Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan

(8 days ago) WebThe document presents critical information including allergen (s), symptoms and treatment instructions in an easy-to-follow format—critical in an anaphylactic emergency. Download …

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State-By-State Data for Food Allergy

(7 days ago) WebAbout FAIR Health: FAIR Health is a national, independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing transparency to healthcare costs and health insurance information …

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Clinician Resources

(7 days ago) WebFARE is committed to reducing health inequities in food allergy, a potentially life-threating disease impacting 32 million Americans. Studies have shown health differences in food …

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