Vanguard Surgical Center

About the Vanguard Surgical Center. “The Cohen-Winters practice is located within the new 113 Med Building, on Essex Street in Maywood, N.J., convenient to Route 17, Route 4 and Route 80 in northern New Jersey. 113 Med is also home to the Vanguard Surgical Center: a state of the art multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center which is a

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Dr. Stephanie Cohen Plastic Surgeon NJ, NYC

(5 days ago) Dr. Cohen Discusses Breast Reconstruction on American Health Front. On this segment of American Health Front, Dr. Cohen discusses the various modern techniques that are used …

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Janet Yueh Hand Surgeon NJ, NYC

(Just Now) Dr. Yueh is currently a hand and reconstructive surgeon at Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons. She has privileges at Hackensack University Medical Center. She is known for her …

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What to Expect from Your Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

(5 days ago) First menstrual period: The first period after breast reduction surgery may cause pain and swell in your breasts. Exercising: You can resume light exercises, such as spin or stationary biking immediately and advance to more vigorous exercise, including running, 3-4 weeks following your surgery. Remember these recovery estimates are purely

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Hand Surgery Recovery Time: Pain, Exercise & Complications

(6 days ago) Limiting stress can help you heal faster and improves your overall health. Expert Hand Surgeons Produce Consistently Excellent Outcomes–and Shorten Recovery. The good …

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Hand Surgery Recovery: Patient's Ultimate Recovery Guide

(1 days ago) Recovering from hand surgery is an individual process that will vary among patients. The larger variables in hand surgery recovery is the type of surgery you have and its …

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Breast Implant Scars: What to Expect & How to Heal

(Just Now) Limit vitamin E, although avoiding it completely may not be required. Stop smoking. Nicotine can decrease blood circulation to the skin, complicating the healing process. …

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Open Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline: What to Expect

(5 days ago) Stage 1: The First Hours of Open Rhinoplasty Recovery. Following your open rhinoplasty, you may experience some pain, so be sure to take your painkiller prescriptions. …

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Tummy Tuck Surgery

(Just Now) The tummy is an area of the body that may not respond to dieting or targeted workouts, which leads many women (and men) to look for solutions in a NJ plastic surgeon’s office. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, can restore tautness and tone, bringing back the flat tummy of youth. With a slimmer silhouette and smooth midsection, clothing fits

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Rhinoplasty Complications: Should I Be Worried

(5 days ago) Your health: If you have a chronic medical condition, you might not be a good candidate. Things like uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and smoking do not …

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Capsular Contracture: The What, Why, Where and How to Fix

(Just Now) Keep in mind that a mild capsular contracture is not harmful to your health and that treating a contracture is always elective. For treating severe capsular contracture once it …

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Are Breast Lifts Covered by Insurance

(Just Now) Breast Lifts and Insurance. Breast lifts are not covered by all insurance companies, and even some companies that do cover them don’t in all situations. In most …

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Will Insurance Cover the Cost of Your Breast Reduction

(6 days ago) Even though these facts may make it seem that your health insurance should, logically, cover part (or all) of your breast reduction and lift cost, there’s no guarantee. Medical …

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Breast Reduction Surgery

(1 days ago) The incisions are designed specifically for the patient’s needs to reduce the appearance of large, sagging breasts and improve the overall breast shape. If needed, the incisions may also help the surgeon reposition and resize the areola. Dr. Stephanie Cohen and Dr. Rick Winters are experienced breast reduction surgeons in Bergen County, N.J

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Common Types of Hand Surgery

(1 days ago) Carpal Tunnel Surgery. One of the most common types of hand surgery is carpal tunnel surgery. Wrist anatomy includes carpal bones on 3 sides, with the transverse ligament …

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Getting Back On Track After Breast Revision: Recovery Time

(9 days ago) A breast revision that requires the removal of implants tends to be the easiest procedure with the shortest recovery time. After a breast implant removal, you might …

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Revision Rhinoplasty Risks: What to Consider Before Your Surgery

(Just Now) Immediate Revision Rhinoplasty Risks and Complications. Airway obstruction: Any surgery on the upper respiratory tract can cause temporary nasal airway obstruction. This …

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Is Functional Rhinoplasty Covered by Insurance

(2 days ago) Dr. Winters April 1, 2018. Functional rhinoplasty or septoplasty, the surgery designed to correct documented breathing problems, may be covered by your health …

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Nose Job Before and After: What to Expect from Your NJ Surgery

(5 days ago) Before your nose job, your doctor will provide you with instructions about the nose job recovery process. You will need someone to drive you to and from the surgical center. This …

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Rhinoplasty for Deviated Septum: Covered by Insurance

(5 days ago) Health insurance can be a complicated subject to navigate, but there are trustworthy sources you can use to gain a clear understanding of your coverage. If you are …

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